Word Cookies Game

Word Cookies game is one of the best, if not the best mobile enabled word games. Certainly, it is recognized worldwide as the best word puzzle game. It is easily downloadable on the Android-Powered smartphones via Google Play Store. Apple-enabled mobile phones can also access the game. Word Cookies game does not only serve as a source of entertainment to the user but also serves a more instrumental function in educating the users. For example, children derive pleasure and enjoyment playing this type of game as well as sharpening their thinking capacity and developing more critical skills as they play and compete with each other to solve the puzzles presented in the game format. Language skills and problem skills also develop naturally as children deeply engage in Word Wookies game while adults engage in it as their pastime, familiarizing with and developing a larger vocabulary.

Being the best word puzzle game in the world, Word Cookies game has received so many positive reviews and is highly rated by the mobile game users. This article gives a description of Word Cookies game and its important features that make it the world’s best game.

Word Cookies game is a recent game which was created by BitMango that also created HIT app, Block Hexa Puzzle (solutions here) because its really hard fo solve this game, and Roll the Ball slide puzzle games. This is extremely exciting type of word puzzle game. Fortunately, it is played free of charges thus interests the player and keeps you playing without getting bored easily.

The game presents a players with a challenge of finding hidden words. In the process of searching for these hidden words, the game player is able to advance vocabulary, spelling and concentration skills.

The game is known as the king of brain teasers. Word Cookies is enjoyable for those who enjoy confronting challenges and overcoming them. It requires deep use of brain power in discovering hidden words.

Playing the Game

  • Words are either vertical, diagonal or horizontal or can be backwards.
  • You simply have to swipe the finger over the word you are selecting
  • If you find a valid word, the word remains highlighted and is marked on the list of word as found.


Features of the game

  1. The game involves attempts to discover words that are hidden from the mixed letters given.
  2. The game player also finds the derived words from the main words and then uses them to develop their thinking skills, vocabulary skills, and observation skills.
  3. The cookies of various kinds are presented in an appealing and a visually pleasing manner.
  4. There is a feeling of achievement and accomplishment when the points scored increases by making more cookies.
  5. The game is easy and simple to play. It is enjoyed by all ages, including children. Its level of complexity varies depending on the ability of the player. Bur generally, the game is challenging at every stage.
  6. The game involves rewarding of daily bonus
  7. At the initial game, there is usually 200 free coins payments.
  8. The games gives the brain great exercise
  9. The game is supported by both tablets and phones.
  10. The game can be updated for free.
  11. There is no time limit for game playing. It can be played it can be played anywhere at any given time. It usually takes a short period of time.
  12. The game is advantageous because it can be played offline, without requiring internet connection.
  13. The game has many unique levels of playing. It has 32 packages and more than 580 wonderful levels.
  14. And best of all there are websites giving solutions form word cookies. Lets get an example from http://wordcookieanswer.com:

Word Cookies Orange Level 1 Answers from Star Chef Category are: ANT, NAB, TOY, ANY, NAY, BOAT, BAN, NOT, BONY, BAT, OAT, BATON, BAY, TAB, BOTANY, BOA, TAN, BOY, TON

Easy 🙂



All having been said, the game stands out as the best, most enjoyable, highly rated and obviously relevant for all age groups. Downloading the game to your Android device comes with immense all-round benefits for the uses at all levels. If you have ever desired a source of entertainment and learning at once, you have it. All you need is to visit the Google Play Store on your Android-powered device and download the game quickly. Then you can enjoy playing it offline, at your best convenience.

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